Call For Papers

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Water Resources Management

• Water Resources Systems
• Climate Change Impacts on Hydrology and Water Resources
• Monitoring, Remediation, Assessment and Protection of Water Resources
• Panning and Management of Water Resources and Water Provision
• Watershed Hydrology
• Erosion and Sediment Transport
• Groundwater Contamination and Protection
• Agricultural water management
• Irrigation (Irrigation, drainage, and salinity in cultivated areas)
• Soil erosion

• Contaminant Sources, Sorption, Diffusion, Transformation,Volatilization and Transport
• Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water
• Remote sensors and applications to hydrology
• GIS in Water Resources and Flooding Risk Managements

Citizen Science and Water Resource Management

• Citizen science in water quality monitoring
• Citizen science and water-related ecological management
• Social acceptance of emerging water management technologies
• Community-level practices in water resources management
• Citizen science and the Water-Energy- Climate Nexus
• Citizen science and water resource decision-making
• Public participation in water resource innovation policies
• Citizen science and hydrological monitoring

Energy and renewable development of water

• water–energy nexus
• water footprint assessment
• sustainable bioenergy production
• water, land and carbon footprint trade-offs
• Renewable energy sources such as: Nuclear, geothermal, solar
   and wind powered desalination and energy storage and optimization
• Energy recovery schemes, optimization and process controls,
   power-water-cooling schemes
• Global applicability and potential and possible implementation issues
  of solar, wind, geothermal, and nuclear energy sources and case studies

Water Resources Development an Environmental Management

• Groundwater Contamination and Protection
• Water Resources and Climate Change
• Water Resources Policy and Management
• Water Restoration and Sustainable Use
• Environmental Protection
• Environmental Engineering
• Water Quality and Sustainable Use
• Clean Technology
• Marine Pollution
• Soil conservation
• Biological and Physicochemical Treatment
• Soil-Plant-Atmosphere continuum
• Water Quality Assessment

Water and Environment Protection

• Sustainable Use of Water Resources
• Unsustainable Patterns of Water Consumption and Use
• Water Demand and Consumption
• Water Recycling and Reuse
• Chemical water pollution
• Environmental aquatic chemistry
•Built (engineered) and natural aquatic environments

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